Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The NBA Is Holding Auditions

Since we chronicled several NFL teams holding stripper cheerleader auditions we felt it was only fair to show the same courtesy to the NBA. I'm sure you won't mind.

The New Jersey Nets recently held their cheerleader dance team auditions and amazingly none of the women arrived in the company of large men in black suits named "No Nose" or Guido to ensure that they made the squad. (We're all about the stereotypes here at OBoS.)

"Pretend Tom Brady just walked into the room!"

"Show what position you'd use with Tom Brady!"

"None of these chicks are good enough for Tom Brady."

To see more of the audition, clicky here.

The Nuggets will be holding their auditions shortly and we'll be here to bring you the goods when it happens.

"Pretend Tom Brady just drove by!"

If you are a hot little number with athleticism (e-mail me) and want to try out for the Nuggets' squad and blog about your experience here (with pictures), give this link a click-a-doo.

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