Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Potpourri (Sunday Afternoon Edition)

CSAC Indefinitely Suspends Morton (SherDog)

Following his mixed martial arts debut Saturday in Los Angeles, former NFL football player Johnny Morton was indefinitely suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after the 35-year-old from Torrance, Calif. refused to take his post-fight anti-doping test, CSAC Executive Officer Armando Garcia told
Top Ten Possible Causes For a Fatigued Groin (Babes Love Baseball)
For those living under a rock, the world's most noble humanitarian, eer, I mean, selfish sack of hog feces, Roger Clemens has decided he has to push his first start back with the Bronx Bums a few days due to a "fatigued right groin muscle." So ladies and germs, we at Babes Love Baseball bring you the top ten possible causes of a fatigued groin muscle.
Not Right, Said Fred (Foul Balls)
You know the story a couple days ago about the 1000 pound "feral hog" killed by some kid from Alabama? Well, turns out the hog's name was Fred. That's right, the "wild beast" that 11-year-old Jamison Stone hunted down for three excruciating hours was someone's pet.
Muscular tennis pro Amelie Mauresmo pulls groin; 'Pulls' out of French Open (Steroid Nation)
How many women suffer groin injuries? We don't have the data, however looking at Mauresmo shows you her muscularity. Google Mauresmo and steroids and you find interesting results like this from the Sports Column: Take Amelie Mauresmo. Given, she does look like she has done more steroids than a high school football kicker, but she has quietly accomplished some very unique things in the world of tennis.
Lou Piniella suspended indefinitely (The Buried Lead)
Lou Piniella, the fiery manager of the Chicago Cubs, has been suspended indefinitely after making contact with an umpire in yesterday���s contest with the Atlanta Braves. Piniella begins serving his suspension today and will find out the duration early this week.
Zambia soccer celebration kills 12 (AP)
The newspaper said three women and nine men were killed, all of them Zambian team supporters, and five fans were hospitalized after the accident Saturday at Konkola Stadium in the northern town of Chililabonbe in Zambia's Copperbelt province.

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