Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cleveland Rocks

Hello, friends. This is Ted again. I was derelict in my duties over here yesterday, and I do apologize for that. Basically, my work schedule changed - I'm working later tonight as opposed to this morning when I normally would - and as a result, I felt the need to go out and get sloppy. Probably not the best idea. As for that girl I referenced yesterday who prevented us from live blogging the Pistons vs. Cavs game right here, well - she never showed up. As for another girl I was talking to around 11:30pm, an actual snippet of conversation went something like this - I said, "You know, you should tell that kid to shut the f**k up" referencing some kid in the vicinity. She responded, "You should take your own advice." I'm a disaster as a human being right now.

The thing I want to talk about right here, though, is simple: Cleveland rocks. After a nice 16 point win over the Pistons last night in C-Town, they will be making their first ever NBA Finals appearance. I'd personally give them almost no chance against the Spurs, although about five days ago I was saying the Pistons would win this series in five, and I guess that proves just about how much I know.

To put this all in context, here's what we're going to do today (it'll keep us busy, too). We're going to write a series of posts - it should end up being about 4 - detailing absolutely horrific moments in Cleveland sports history and our vague connection to them. By the end of the day, you should fully embrace how sordid this city's athletic past is, and how culturally relevant (and exciting!) them knuckling up on Thursday night vs. a dynasty really is.

So, we'll keep drinking this coffee, working off those demons from last night. In a little bit, we'll be back with Item No. 1: "The Drive."

(As for the rest of the sports world on Saturday, it was less relevant. Here's a few highlights: the Senators won behind a rowdy, Warriors-esque crowd to make that series 2-1; Lou Pinella got ejected at Wrigley; the Sox beat the Yankees behind a nice 7th inning comeback; Cole Hamels threw a complete game for his 8th win; and somewhere, a young Texas Rangers fan cried.)

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