Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who is the Hottest Wife/Girlfriend in Sports? (Updated)

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Another battle is over before it really got started as we had the second largest margin of victory for the second match-up in a row. Our #5 seed, girlfriend of hockey star Mike Modano, Willa Ford, body-checked the #44 seed Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of Alex, right out of the tournament.

Our next duel is an interesting one. Fresh off her hubby's victory in the Indy 500 comes our #4 seed and huge Kentucky Wildcats booster, Ashley Judd. She will be going toe-to-toe with legendary porn actress, and our #45 seed, Jenna Jameson, girlfriend of UFC bad boy, Tito Ortiz. Who moves on to the second round? That, my friend, is up to you!

What's this all about?

As we all know, athletes are notorious for the trim they pull. But who has done the best? We have taken it upon ourselves to find out, dammit. We chose 31 48 beauties (with the help of our fine readers) and seeded them according to our tastes. Argue with the seedings all you want in the comments section, but somebody had to do it. If you don't like it, change their rankings by simply voting for your faves as we go through the tourney.
The seeds:
1) Ingrid Vandebosch (Jeff Gordon)
2) Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)
3) Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods)
4) Ashley Judd (Dario Franchitti) Advanced to Round Two.
5) Willa Ford (Mike Modano) Advanced to Round Two.
6) Lisa Dergan (Scott Podsednik) Advanced to Round Two.
7) Jodi Ann Paterson (Michael Andretti) Advanced to Round Two.
8) Kim Kardashian (Reggie Bush) [TKO] Rd. 1: #41 C. Zucker 56% to 44%
9) Alicia Rickter (Mike Piazza) Advanced to Round Two.
10) Julia Tomko (Brett) Advanced to Round Two.
11) Jennifer Scholle (James Blake) Advanced to Round Two.
12) Carrie Underwood (Tony Romo) Advanced to Round Two.
13) Abigail Clancy (Peter Crouch) [TKO] Rd. 1: #36 L. Posada 59% to 41%
14) Bec Cartwright (Lleyton Hewitt) Advanced to Round Two.
15) Eva Longoria (Tony Parker) Advanced to Round Two.
16) Elisha Cuthbert (Sean Avery) Advanced to Round Two.
17) Carmella DeCesare (Jeff Garcia) Advanced to Round Two.
18) Laura Cover (Aaron Boone) Advanced to Round Two.
19) Jennifer Walcott (Adam Archuleta) Advanced to Round Two.
20) Tamia Hill (Grant) [KO] Rd. 1: #29 A. Benson 78% to 22%
21) Danielle Gamba (Nick Swisher) Advanced to Round Two.
22) Victoria Beckham (David) [DEC] Rd. 1: #27 C. Tweedy 54% to 46%
23) Aleka Kamila (Peja Stojakovic) Advanced to Round Two.
24) Angie Harmon (Jason Sehorn) [TKO] Rd. 1: #25 C. Cameron 59% to 41%
25) Candace Cameron (Valeri Bure) Advanced to Round Two.
26) Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott) [DEC] Rd. 1: #23 A. Kamila 52% to 48%
27) Cheryl Tweedy (Ashley Cole) Advanced to Round Two.
28) Pilar Sanders (Deion) [KO] Rd. 1: #21 D. Gamba 89% to 11%
29) Anna Benson (Kris) Advanced to Round Two.
30) Amy Mickelson (Phil) [KO] Rd. 1: #19 J. Walcott 82% to 18%
31) Danielle Lloyd (Teddy Sheringham) [DEC] Rd. 1: #18 L. Cover 51% to 49%
32) Lisa Guerrero (Scott Erickson) [KO] Rd. 1: #17 C. DeCesare 78% to 22%
33) Heather Mitts (A.J. Feeley) [KO] Rd. 1: #16 E. Cuthbert 80% to 20%
34) Yeliz Okur (Mehmet) [KO] Rd. 1: #15 E. Longoria 75% to 25%
35) Vanessa Bryant (Kobe) [DEC] Rd. 1: #14 B. Cartwright 52% to 48%
36) Laura Posada (Jorge) Advanced to Round Two.
37) Millie De La Hoya (Oscar) [TKO] Rd. 1: #12 C. Underwood 68% to 32%
38) Heather Dickau (Dan) [TKO] Rd. 1: #11 J. Scholle 62% to 38%
39) Gabrielle Reece (Laird Hamilton) [KO] Rd. 1: #10 J. Tomko 71% to 29%
40) Melissa Lima (Jose) [TKO] Rd. 1: #9 A. Rickter 59% to 41%
41) Carly Zucker (Joe Cole) Advanced to Round Two.
42) Pamela Anderson (David Binn) [KO] Rd. 1: #7 J. Paterson 70% to 30%
43) Sonya Toms (David) [KO] Rd. 1: #6 L. Dergan 84% to 16%
44) Cynthia Rodriguez (Alex) [KO] Rd. 1: #5 W. Ford 87% to 13%
45) Jenna Jameson (Tito Ortiz) [TKO] Rd. 1: #4 A. Judd 62% to 38%
46) Bridgette Wilson (Pete Sampras)
47) Jennie Finch (Casey Daigle)
48) Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Tim)

#4 Ashley Judd (Dario Franchitti) vs. #45 Jenna Jameson (Tito Ortiz)
(Hint: If you want to see more of them, click on their link above or do a Google search on them. Fair warning though, some of these women's Google searches will be NSFW.)

Final Results (297 votes):
Ashley Judd (Dario Franchitti) 62%
Jenna Jameson (Tito Ortiz) 38%

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