Thursday, May 3, 2007

Warriors Fans Have Excellent Photoshop Skills

Warriors fans have taken a big step up in my Book recently. First, it was revealed that Jessica Alba is a big fan of the team, which is nice. And now they have taken to their computers to exact revenge on Sir Charles for comments he made about their cities.

Comments like when he said,

"You know how bad it is?" Barkley asked his co-hosts. "I like Sacramento better than both those cities."
And this comment that also didn't win him any love from Bay Area residents,
"I would rather stay on Alcatraz than San Francisco or Oakland."
So how did the proud residents of the Bay Area retaliate? Photoshop!!

I'd love to see Chuck in that outfit. Does that make me gay? I'm going to need a ruling on this one.

Want to see more of the clever artwork involving the Round Mound of Rebound? Just click here.

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