Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Want To Be GM Of An ABA Franchise?

Seriously. You can be the next GM of the ABA Champion Vermont Frost Heaves.

From SI:

Are you the person to take my place?

You might be, provided you get the vision. We stand for a lot more than excellence on the floor -- though by winning that championship we've put down a marker to aspire to.
Oh yeah, you have to live in Vermont. Is that a plus or a negative in your book?
...we're looking for someone with creativity and energy who cares passionately about detail; can manage and motivate staff, interns and volunteers; is comfortable with the Web and how to get the most out of it; and wakes up every morning plotting ways to get sponsors to plunk down cash and fans to spring for tickets. More than anything, though, we're looking for someone who has the Yankee ingenuity to take a budget already written to anorexia and squeeze out of it even more.
As an added bonus for doing all that, you won't make jack for a salary since it's the minor leagues (unless your last name is Beckham, sorry soccer fans).
[The current GM] will remain as team president and, between SI assignments, serve as your orientation officer and ongoing resource. We'd like you to start ASAP If you're seriously interested, e-mail a resume to gm@vermontfrostheaves.com. Include in that e-mail at least two references, as well as a paragraph or two that explains how you'd take on the challenge.
If you actually get this gig and this is where you found out about it, give us a shout so we can have the "exclusive", okay?

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Sportscolumn.com said...

I'm tempted to apply. If Isiah f'ing Thomas can run the knicks, I can run the Frosty Freezes or whatever.