Friday, May 11, 2007

NASCAR Promotes Literacy (And Two-Dimensional Chicks With Big Jugs)

Some people would call the stereotypical NASCAR fan a bit of a rube. People like me, for instance. And now NASCAR has come up with some literature that is sure to appeal to a large portion of their very well-read fan base.

From PRNewswire:

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and Starbridge Media Group, Inc., announced today the release of the premier issue of the NASCAR Comics brand initiative under the banner of the NASCAR Library Collection.
The NASCAR Library Collection? What exactly is in the "Collection"? The Penthouse Letters Series, Stock Car Racing For Dummies (redundant), and Stroker Ace?
The books, which are branded NASCAR Comics, appeal to NASCAR's large and diverse fan base as well as traditional independent comic book consumers.
Large and diverse fan base: code for illiterate rednecks. Of note is that NASCAR is putting out these comics and there is no mention whatsoever of appealing to children in the press release.
In the first-ever release of "NASCAR Heroes," fans can see the resulting appearances of rookie Jimmy Dash, sinister Jack Diesel, hard-charging Astor Shockington, and a host of other characters.
Jack Diesel? Sounds vaguely like the nickname of one large, black basketball player who patrols the court in Miami doesn't it?

This venture doesn't really surprise me. NASCAR would sell an officially licensed adult diaper if they thought they could make a dollar out of it. Which of course they would, because thousands of sycophantic fans would flock to their local Winn-Dixie to buy them just because the package has a photo of Ned Jarret or some other NASCAR relic on them.

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