Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Interleague Series: Haikus

As part 3 of our 4 part "Interleague Series" to commemorate the first round of I-League play this weekend, here's a series of haikus related to the concept:

Numero Uno
The Mets and Yankees
This ain't 2000 no more
Torre falls apart

Numero Dos
Speak positively
Of Pirates and Diamondbacks
Didja see that walk off?

Barry and Barry
Living it up by the Bay
Ouch. Here comes Jack Cust

Whatever "four" is in Spanish
Up in Ottawa
They ain't got no baseball team
Heck, it's way too cold

I Got Five On It
Cardinals and Tigers
The Fall Classic in Oh-Six
The spring dud right now

Six Me Up
Brewers and the Twins
Does it offend Canada
to say "Great White North?"

(Double OH) Seven
One by Mexico
Seattle, by Canada
And still no one cares

Eight is Enough (in all likelihood)
Ohio is weird
Four letters, three syllables
Oden looks forty.

1 comment:

TheStarterWife said...

I generally hate haikus because I feel they are a little over done by now, but I love the Mets-Yankees one.