Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mets Fan Are Large And In ... Whoaaaaa!!!

Getting hit by a foul ball. Having beer spilled on you. Losing your voice from screaming obscenities at serial head case Jose Guillen. Those are the typical hazards you face when attending a baseball game. Unless you go to a game at Shea Stadium.

From Newsday:

Shortly after the seventh-inning stretch, [Ellen Massey] said, a man dressed in a green Army-type jacket tumbled from higher seats and onto her back, knocking the wind out of her and, ultimately, causing serious injury.

"I only know he came flying," Massey, 58, said Wednesday from her bed in Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. "I was literally not able to breathe for about half-a-minute or so. The first thing I was aware of was not being able to breathe, and then when I was able to breathe I was aware of the pain in my lower back."

Massey, who is a lawyer, is scheduled for surgery on a vertebra on Friday.
At least the man who fell on her was a stand-up guy and stuck around to make sure she wasn't hurt too bad, right?
Massey's nephew, Peter Rubens, 35, of Brooklyn, said the first sign that something was amiss was a splash of beer flying onto her at about 4 p.m., then a bump from the man, who is unidentified.

"We were sitting and watching the ball game," he said. "And in a split-second a rather large person, a man, came sort of tumbling down upon us and basically landed on my aunt's head and neck."

Rubens said he couldn't make out distinguishing features of the man, who got up quickly and left.

No word yet on whether the man who fell on her sported a large, white round head with stitches on it, or, as is more likely, was Mo Vaughn.

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