Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've Got June 2nd In The Charlie Manuel Gets Fired Pool

Because an old person pissed me off at lunch today while I was at Subway by chatting away on her cell phone to some old bat she knew and then standing there and relaying what condiments and veggies her friend wanted on her sandwich, thus making everyone wait forever, only to then have to place her own long ass order, then laugh about how I probably had to get back to work and how she was taking so long, I have decided to post a video showing another old person being stupid. Oh yeah, f**k you, old lady.

As you may remember, yesterday we noted that Phillies manager Charlie Manuel wanted to get into a fight with a talk-radio host in the locker room. Well it seems that the D.C. Sports Bog, before yesterday's game, witnessed Chuck being asked what he thought of that whole situation,

"Charlie, anything happen last night, any regrets at all?"

The first answer is given: "No, what happened last night happened, and I just want to move on. I mean, that's over. I want to move on. I've got to concentrate on our team and winning ballgames.
Dan Steinberg of the Bog continues (as does Charlie)...
Over the course of Manuel's 11 answers, he said the following things:

"I don't want to hash on it," "I don't want to go over anything," "Let's move on," "I just want to move on," "I want to just concentrate on our team," "I'll say this and then I don't want to say nothin' else about it," and "I don't want to talk no more about it." He followed that last one with this: "I know I'm talkin', but I don't want to say nothin' else about it," which might have been a reasonable request, although it was one that he promptly declined. I've never seen someone talk so much about something he wasn't going to talk about.
Then Chuck said something that made everyone truly question his senility sanity.
...out of the blue, Manuel drops this: He's putting his No. 1 starter, Brett Myers, into the bullpen. There was five seconds of silence. Literally. I timed it later. Then laughter. Much laughter. The beat writers attempted to convince Manuel that he was joking. They stared at each other. Literally, jaws were dropped. One writer offered to bet Manuel $100 that he was kidding.
So you see, I am not the only one having problems with old people these days. And in case you haven't seen Chuck challenging the radio guy to a fight, here's the video I promised:

Old people. Pfft.

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