Monday, April 23, 2007

The Best Sports Movie Of All-Time: No Crying In Baseball

We have another final! The gritty, gutty women of League of Their Own took a decisive 61% to 39% victory over the kid with the magic arm and The Rookie of the Year.

Next on the ballot (in the right sidebar) comes a group of prisoners who are also pretty solid as a football team in The Longest Yard (original) taking on a feelgood story about a high school baseball coach turned Major League pitcher in The Rookie. Which one did you prefer?

RESULTS (Round One):
(1) Rocky defeated (32) Tin Cup (87% to 13%)
(2) Rocky III defeated (31) The Mighty Ducks (83% to 17%)
(30) Bull Durham defeated (3) Rocky IV (67% to 33%)
(29) Major League defeated (4) The Waterboy (75% to 25%)
(5) Rocky II defeated (28) Slap Shot (55% to 45%)
(6) Jerry Maguire defeated (27) Nacho Libre (86% to 14%)
(7) A League of Their Own defeated (26) Rookie of the Year (61% to 39%)

Next up: (8) The Longest Yard (original) vs. (25) The Rookie
(Vote in the right sidebar.)

To learn more about each movie and to see how the seedings were determined, click here.

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